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Show classes for goats are making a welcome return this year, but with a difference. To make the show more inclusive, there are classes for both registered and non BGS registered goats; and all classes are open to CAE whole herd tested or monitored goats as well as non CAE tested.





Section 1

Female Goat, over one year but not exceeding two years, that has not borne a kid, class 1-5 entered in the relevant sections of the herd book.

  • Class 1: Toggenburg or British Toggenburg.
  • Class 2: Saanen or British Saanen.
  • Class 3: Anglo Nubian.
  • Class 4: British Alpine.
  • Class 5: Guernsey or Golden Guernsey
  • Class 6: Any other Variety.

Section 2

Female Kid, over two calendar months, but not exceeding one year, class 6-10 entered in the relevant sections of the herd book.

  • Class 6: Toggenburg or British Toggenburg.
  • Class 7: Saanen or British Saanen.
  • Class 8: Anglo Nubian.
  • Class 9: British Alpine.
  • Class 10: Guernsey or Golden Guernsey
  • Class 11: Any other Variety.

Section 3

Female Goat that has borne a kid, any age, in milk, class 12-18 entered in the relevant sections of the herd book (kidding date must be included on entry form).

  • Class 12: Toggenburg.
  • Class 13: Saanen.
  • Class 14: British Toggenburg.
  • Class 15: British Saanen.
  • Class 16: Anglo Nubian.
  • Class 17: British Alpine.
  • Class 18: Guernsey or Golden Guernsey
  • Class 19: Any other Variety.

Section 4

  • Class 20: Female, non-production goat, any age, any variety, and ineligible for class 1-11

Judge:- Mr M Cox Secretary/Steward:- Mrs Gillian Clough.



No pregnant goat or any goat which has kidded/aborted within the last 30 days may be admitted to the Show ground. In the event of an unforeseen kidding or abortion, the goat must be immediately isolated from other goats. Full details of the goat, exhibitor and action taken will be recorded and stored for a period of 12 months. Entries for CAE tested/monitored goats must be accompanied with current documentation. All goats must conform to current regulations on livestock identification. Legends on earmarks and tags must be discernible and correlate with the entry form. All stock must be penned by 9:00 am Saturday 11th August. No traffic movement on the showground will be permitted after 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Goats to remain on the showground until 5:00 pm. All exhibitors must adhere to instructions from the Showground and Goat Section Stewards. No goats should be unloaded onto the showground without permission from a Steward.


Entry Fees

  • Class 12-20 (double pen each – 1.8 x 1.8 m approx) £3.00
  • Class 1-6 (single pen each – 0.9 x 1.8 m approx) £2.50
  • Class 6-11 (single pen per two kids) £2.50
  • Additional Single Pen (subject to availability) £2.00

Cheques made payable to The Halifax Agricultural Show. Entries together with appropriate fee to: Gillian Clough, Shepherds Nook, 1 Daisy Bank, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 8PU. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES – 27th July 2018.


Prize Money (paid on the day by 5 pm)

  • Section 1, 2 & 4 1st £8, 2nd £5, 3rd £3, 4th £2
  • Section 3 1st £10, 2nd £7, 3rd £5, 4th £3
  • Best Goatling £10
  • Best Kid £10
  • Best Goat, Class 12 -20 £20
  • Best in Show £30 Reserve Best in Show £15

Straw to be provided courtesy of Calder Valley Agricultural Supplies (CALVAG).  




Gillian Clough
Goat Secretary
01422 843263