Halifax Show Rabbit Section Header

This year, Halifax Show Rabbit Section will be organised by our a friendly, helpful team who are looking forward to welcoming you to come and watch or partake. Judges Steve Germany & Albert Aldred. This year we are also delighted to be holding a Junior Certificate of Merit Show for our Junior Exhibitors. They will have the opportunity to steward and get involved under the expert eye of our Judge Albert Aldred.



Adult & u/5 (Dutch u/4)

Fancy: Dutch Black, Blue, Steel, Pale/Brown Grey, Tort, Yellow, Choc, Angora, Lion Head,  Self,  N/Self, N/Dwarf REW, BEW, Blk, AOC Self, S/Sab, S/Smoke, Blk Otter, AOC Otter, S/Pt, Him, Chin, Ag, M/Sab, M/Smoke, Fox, Opal, AOC Ag Patt, Tan Patt, N/Self, Polish REW, Self, Sable, Smoke Pearl, AOC N/Self,  Tan Black, Choc, Blue, Lilac, Silver Grey, AOC,  Har/Magpie, English Black, Blue, Grey, Tort, Choc, Belgian Hare, Black, AOC, Him. Black, AOC, Trianta, AOV RV Fancy, AOV Fancy, ROF  Chall AA.

Lops:  Cashmere Self, N/Self, Mini Cash Self, N/Self, Lion Lop REW, Self, N/Self, Dwarf Lop REW, AOC Self, Sty, Ag, Chin, B’fly, Seal/Sab, Fox/Otter, Or/Fawn, AOC N/Self, French Lop REW, AOC Self, Ag, B’fly, Steel, AOC N/Self, Mini Lop REW, Blk, AOC Self, Ag, Sooty, B’fly, Sab/Seal pt, Blk Otter, AOC Otter, Or/Fawn, AOC N/Self, German Lop  Self, Ag, Chin, B’fly, AOC N/Self, Eng Lop U/25”, O/25”, Meissnor Lop, AOV Lop, Unstandardised Lop, Lop Chall AA.

Fur:  Satin Ivory, AOC, Mini Satin, Argente Noir,  AOC, Chin, Silver Fox Black, AOC, Siamese Sable, Marten Sable, Bev. White, Blue, AOC, Havana, Alaska, B/Giant Self, N/Self, AOV Fur, RV Fur, Fur Chall AA.

Rex: Ermine, Black, Siamese Seal/Sable, Marten Seal/Sable, Chin, Otter, Or, Havana Him. AOV Self, AOV N/Self, Mini Rex Ermine, Blk,  Self, Castor, Broken, Blk Otter, AOC Otter, N/Self, Rex Chall AA.

Dups:  Chall Adult, U/5, Grand Chall AA.


Junior COM Classes AA. 

Fancy: Dutch, English, ND, Polish, AOV Fancy.

Lops: French, German, Mini Self, Mini N/S, AOV.

Fur: Alaska, Chin, Fox, AOV Fur, RV Fur. 

Rex: Self, N/Self, Mini Self, Mini Otter, Mini AOC.





Adele Beard
Rabbit Secretary