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Halifax Show is one of the most popular agricultural-based shows in Yorkshire and regularly attracts over 15,000 visitors throughout the day each year, so it is a great opportunity to raise the profile of or revenue for your business, organisation or charity. So whether you wish to apply for a Trade Stand or Food Concession, Halifax Show has pitches across the showground for everyone. Most past stall holders claim that the event is key in their calendar therefore applying on time is essential.



Trade stands are a popular and important aspect of Halifax Show. The stalls are generally based near the main entrance, so are one of the first things that greets our visitors as they enter the show. Previous year’s have included trade stands and charity stalls covering various aspects from clothing to foods, saddleries to pet care, photographers to plants, plus much more.

Trade stands can only be booked in units of 4 meter frontage by 6 meter depth. Traders may book as many units as they require. These can be either side by side or back to back. Prices for tents and marquees can also be obtained on request. 24 hour security is on site from Monday prior to the Show to Monday after, although the organiser’s accept no responsibility for loss or damage to trader’s stalls, produce and equipment. To protect public and other traders, vehicles will only be allowed to move on site before 9am and after 5pm.


Some of those coming to Halifax Show 2018 include:

  • Madhatters cider
  • Real donkeys
  • Magnetix wellness
  • Yorkshire Dama cheese
  • R bunton
  • Woodland trust
  • Johnsons toffees
  • Supersize sweets
  • Linbee Dog rehomimg
  • Just Jennings Ice cream
  • RSPB
  • Venture Photography
  • Halifax Vets4pets
  • Utility Warehouse
  • Skipton Build Society
  • James Castley
  • Picture This
  • Harvey’s Army
  • Inspired Glassware
  • Jepson Cheese
  • La Fille Rouge
  • Tilly-Boo
  • Pure Indulgence
  • SGF Bespoke Ltd
  • Mr & Mrs Olive
  • Mr B Mallinson
  • The Crusty Pie
  • Haworth Gin
  • Cumbrian Pie Company


  • 1 Unit – £100.00 – Includes 2 Show Tickets
  • 2 Units – £190.00 – Includes 4 Show Tickets
  • 3 Units – £270.00 – Includes 6 Show Tickets
  • 4 Units – £340.00 – Includes 8 Show Tickets
  • Vehicle Stand 12x12m – £1400.00- Includes 12 Show Tickets





Food concessions are an important and popular aspect of Halifax Show and all applications are on a tender basis. We are looking for tenders for everything from specialist coffee to ice-cream vendors, from indian to vegetarian, barbecue to hog roast, artisan foods to sweet treats – you tell us what you have.

However, due to the huge growth of the show in recent years, the food stalls applications have become very popular, with the recent years being heavily over-subscribed. As much as we would love to accommodate all food stall requests, space is limited – so so we are keen that the catering offered gives a good variety and great value-for-money. 24 hour security is on site from Monday prior to the Show to Monday after, although the organiser’s accept no responsibility for loss or damage to trader’s stalls, produce and equipment. To protect public and other traders, vehicles will only be allowed to move on site before 9am and after 5pm.





Trade Stand and Food Concession Applications must be sent on the completed forms above to the Trade Stand Secretary (details below and on the booking forms). Your application will be processed once payment is received, along with a copy of your Environmental Health, Public Liability Insurance, “Gas Safe” Certificates and a Risk Assessment, which all must be valid on show day (where required).




  • Intending Exhibitors/Traders must complete the entry form and forward it to the Trade Stand Secretary. All Trade Stands must be paid for at least 30 days prior to show day.  Traders without an official Exhibitor’s Pass will not be allowed access to the Show Ground, Caterers and Fairground Traders please see separate Tender document.
  • All persons who have made bookings and then failed to cancel at least 30 days prior to show day shall forfeit all fees and charges paid and any space which has been allotted – at the Committee’s discretion.
  • Exhibitors are not to sublet any portion of the space allotted to them.
  • Two free Exhibitors/Traders tickets will be provided per 1 unit booked.
  • Extra tickets may be purchased on the Trade Stand Application form at a cost of £5.00 each. TICKETS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE.
  • Show Committee shall deal with applications for specific space at their discretion. They will determine the area and position on the Showground and each exhibitor shall be strictly confined to the space allotted and paid for.  Spaces will be allotted on a first come first served basis.  Exhibitors/Traders must pitch within and on their allotted space – no trader will be allowed to change their site – traders who do not occupy their allotted space will be removed from the ground and no refund made.
  • All implements etc. for exhibition shall be on the showground in the space allotted by the Show Committee and stands completed by 9.00am on Saturday of the Show. After which time, no motor or other vehicle may enter the showground.
  • No motor vehicle may remain in the showground during the time the show is open, unless permission of the Trade Stand Secretary (in writing) is obtained.
  • No turf shall be lifted by Exhibitors except where absolutely necessary for the display of an exhibition, in which case the prior permission of the Trade Stand Secretary should be obtained. The cost of reinstating and making good must be defrayed by the Exhibitor.
  • No Hawkers allowed. In the interest of all stand holders, exhibitors of miscellaneous articles for sale must state full particulars on the Trade Stand entry form.
  • The sale of goods by shouting, aggressive sales pitch or other annoying behaviour is forbidden.
  • The Show Committee, through the Trade Stand Secretary, shall have full and free right to refuse to accept any entry, to cancel any entry after being made and accepted, to refuse admission to the Showground of any proposed exhibit and/or order to be removed at the risk and expense of their own thereof, of any exhibit which has been admitted to the Showground. There shall be no obligation upon the Show Committee to make or offer any explanation of reason or any such action and the Show Committee shall not incur any liability for responsibility in the matter.  The Show Society has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY – any Exhibitor/Trader or Trader’s staff found to be abusive or aggressive will be removed from the Showground and no refund made.
  • The Show Committee, its officers or servants, shall not be responsible for any accident, damage or loss, however caused, that may occur to any Exhibitor, or his servant, or to any Article, Animal or Property brought onto the showground, or while entering or leaving the said showground. Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury, damage that may be done to or occasioned by or arising from any machinery or other article or any animal or property exhibited by him/her and it is a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall indemnify and hold blameless The Show Committee from and against all actions, expenses and claims on account of any such damage or injury.
  • Exhibitors are requested to remove the whole of the Exhibits within 1 day after the close of the show, by order of the Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council. Exhibits not so removed may be moved at the expense and risk of the Exhibitor.
  • The Show Committee will not be responsible in any way for any claim for compensation or otherwise in regard to the holding or withholding of the Show, or for anything out of or connected herewith.
  • The Show Committee’s Rules and Regulations governing the show are open to inspection at the office of the Trade Stand Secretary and are published in the Show Committee’s General Schedule, copies of which can be had upon application and every Exhibitor shall be deemed to have done so and to have had notice thereof and shall be bound hereby.
  • NO DRAW OR LOTTERY OF ANY KIND without prior permission of the Trade Stand Secretary.
  • All caterers must have Environmental Health, Public Liability Insurance and Gas Safe Certificates valid on show day – THESE SHOULD BE SENT WITH INITIAL APPLICATION FORM, HOWEVER MUST BE AVAILABE ON SHOW DAY SUBJECT TO SPOT CHECKS BY THE TRADE STAND SECRETARY.
  • All Fairground rides must produce their safety and Public Liability Certificates on show day. All Operators shall comply with “Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks – Guidance on Safe Practice” published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE 175).
  • Electrical – All Electrical equipment will be installed, so far as is reasonably practicable, so that the public or unauthorised employees cannot interfere with the equipment. All equipment exposed to weather will be suitably protected.  All electrical installations will be fitted with Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers and Earth Spikes.
  • Generators – All portable generators for electrical power supplies will be appropriately located and guarded from unauthorised persons and the public. All generators will be fitted with Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers and Earth Spikes.  Refilling of generators must be carried out by two competent persons – one being a fire watcher with a fire extinguisher to hand.  The generator must be shut off whilst refilling and spare fuel must be stored in a safe place and away from any heat source.  Additional advice is contained in HSE Guidance Document GS50 – (2nd Edition) – “Electrical Safety at Places of Entertainment”.
  • Liquid petroleum gas appliances must have a “GAS SAFE” Certificate and gas cylinders to be stored in a safe position.
  • Live animals including goldfish must not be sold or offered as prizes or brought onto any trade stand, without prior written agreement with the Trade Stand Secretary.
  • The Society reserves the right to change these regulations up to 30 days before the Show.
  • General Traders are not permitted to sell hot food or beverages, with written permission from the Society Committee.





Andrew Aldridge
Trade Stand Secretary
07815 047 760