We invite everyone who loves to produce items of baking, various arts and craft items, making wines and preserves, also those who love to take photographs, to enter our varied competitions. We have 52 different sections. We also have a varied section for children, including Rainbow, Brownie and Guide Groups.

The Bronte Group consists of Todmorden, Wadsworth, Luddenden, Shibden, Siddal Sisters, Sowood, Ryburn and Norland Women’s Institutes.. We were invited to run a Tea Tent for the Halifax Show – to provide somewhere for the public to sit, relax and have a chat over tea or coffee and enjoy an afternoon tea of scones and cakes. All our produce is donated by our members. We hope you will support us, and learn about the activities in our W.I.’s.






Wine Classes

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ENTRY FEE 50p per Exhibit – PRIZE MONEY – 1st £4; 2nd £2; 3rd £1 – WINE JUDGE: TBC

  1. Red Sweet
  2. Red Dry
  3. White Sweet
  4. White Dry

Wine to be in CLEAR PUNTED bottles, flanged cork Society will supply labels on arrival


Preserve Classes

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ENTRY FEE 50p per Exhibit – PRIZE MONEY – 1st £4; 2nd £2; 3rd £1 – PRESERVES JUDGE : Malcolm Pickles

  • 5. 1 Jar Pickles
  • 6. 1 Jar Chutney
  • 7. 1 Jar any variety Jam
  • 8. 1 Jar Jelly (any variety)
  • 9. 1 Jar Marmalade
  • 10. 1 Jar Lemon Curd

Preserves to be covered with waxed disc and cellophane top except chutney and pickles.


Produce Classes

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ENTRY FEE 50p per Exhibit – PRIZE MONEY – 1st £4; 2nd £2; 3rd £1 – PRODUCE JUDGES: Charlotte and Marion Walker

  • 11. 5 Cupcakes decorated
  • 12. Rich Fruit Cake
  • 13. Victoria Sandwich
  • 14. 5 Scones
  • 15. 5 Macaroons/Macarons(can be displayed on a dummy/cake)
  • 16. 5 Ginger Biscuits
  • 17. Tea Loaf to butter
  • 18. 5 pieces Tray Bake
  • 19. Any item containing yeast
  • 20. A decorated sugar craft cake top
  • 21. 5 Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • 22. Chocolate Cake containing chocolate or cocoa


Junior Classes

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ENTRY FEE 50p per Exhibit – PRIZE MONEY – 1st £4; 2nd £2; 3rd £1 – JUNIOR JUDGE: Thea Farman

11 years to 16 years

  • 23. 3 Cupcakes decorated
  • 24. Short Handwritten poem
  • 25. Make a recycled Model
  • 26. Photograph – any subject
  • 27. Decorate a Teashirt

Under 11 years

  • 28. Make a clay model
  • 29. Lego model – home designed
  • 30. Make 3 Krispy Buns
  • 31. Draw/paint an animal picture
  • 32. Recycle a Robot


M W BRIGGS MEMORIAL TROPHY for most points in classes 23-27 this has kindly been donated by Mrs M Robinson to be awarded annually. UNDER 11s JUNIOR TROPHY For the most points in classes 28-32.


Handicraft Classes

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ENTRY FEE 50p per Exhibit – PRIZE MONEY – 1st £4; 2nd £2; 3rd £1 – HANDICRAFTS JUDGES: Heather Ross and Christine Bostock

Trophy for the Best Exhibit

Trophy for the Best Hand Stitched Item + £10 Voucher

  • 33. Rugs
  • 34. Any item of knitting (to list items used)
  • 35. DIY toy any medium
  • 36. Cross stitch/Embroidery
  • 37. Quilting
  • 38. Patchwork
  • 39. Felted item
  • 40. Bags any size or materials
  • 41. An item made from recycled materials
  • 42. Any item unclassified
  • 43. Any item by a gentleman
  • 44. Painted picture
  • 45. Photograph – Bird or Animal
  • 46. Photograph – Scene or Landscape
  • 47. Photograph – A Portrait Classes

Classes 45, 46 & 47 JUDGE: Adam Kerfoot-Roberts



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ENTRY FEE 50p per Exhibit – PRIZE MONEY – 1st £4; 2nd £2; 3rd £1 – JUDGE: Belinda Kerfoot-Roberts Class

  • 48. Brownie short handwritten poem – 7-8 yrs
  • 49. Brownie short handwritten poem – 9-11 yrs
  • 50. Rainbow Mask – 5-7 yrs.
  • 51. Guides – picture – depict a Pop Show or Singer (A4 size)
  • 52. For all sections – Make an animal picture (A4 size)



Entries must be received by 9th AUGUST. Class tickets will be supplied when Exhibitors arrive to bench their exhibits unless a LARGE S.A.E. is enclosed with entry form and fee. One admission ticket will be issued free if entries amount to more than £5. All Exhibits must be benched by 9.30 am on Saturday 10th August when judging will commence. Removal time will be 5.00 pm. The committee reserves the right to withhold or diminish the Prize of any CLASS or where there are insufficient entries. The Judges’ decision is final. Careful arrangements for the protection of exhibits will be made, but the committee will not be responsible for any injury or damage they may sustain before, during or after the Exhibition. Sampling for judging purposes will be at the Judges’ discretion. The committee’s decision will be final and legally binding on all questions, acceptance of this rule is an express condition of entry. NO ENTRIES TAKEN ON THE SHOW MORNING THE TENT WILL BE CLOSED TO NONE EXHIBITORS AT 4.45 pm EXHIBITORS ONLY ALLOWED TO RETURN TO COLLECT AT 5.00pm TO PRODUCE THE SPECIAL ENTRY TICKET AT THE DOOR TO RECLAIM THEIR EXHIBITS.









Red Sweet     Red Dry  
1st  John Swallow   1st  John Swallow
2nd John Swallow   2nd John Swallow
3rd John Swallow   3rd John Swallow
White Sweet     White Dry  
1st  M & J Cockroft   1st  John Swallow
2nd John Swallow   2nd John Swallow
3rd M & J Cockroft   3rd M & J Cockroft
Best in Section        
White Dry  John Swallow      
Pickles     Chutney  
1st John Swallow   1st  Mr M Felton
2nd  J Higginbotham   2nd  Mrs Karen GWatkin
3rd Elizabeth Jessop   3rd Mrs Karen GWatkin
Jam      Jelly  
1st  Beulah Shaw   1st  John Swallow
2nd  Mr M Felton   2nd Mr M Felton
3rd Mr M Felton   3rd Carol McGivern
Marmalade     Lemon Curd  
1st  Mr M Felton   1st  Vicky Walker
2nd  Mr M Felton   2nd  Christine Denham
3rd  Beulah Shaw   3rd Mrs Hilary Felton
Decorated Cup Cakes   Rich Fruit Cake  
1st Rebekkah Turner   1st Gwen Beaumont
2nd Ann Taylor   2nd Mrs Hilary Felton
3rd Miss Kate Koprowska   3rd Mrs Angela Lister
Victoria Sandwich     Scones  
1st Gwen Beaumont   1st GwenBeaumont
2nd Gwen Beaumont   2nd Christine Denham
3rd Mrs Hilary Felton   3rd Dinah Newsome
      Ginger Biscuits  
      1st Mrs Angela Lister
      2nd Mrs J Higgs
      3rd   Mrs Angela Lister
Cold Sweet for a Buffet   Tea Loaf  
1st Victoria Lee   1st Gillian Raine
2nd Beverly Holroyd   2nd Mrs Hilary Felton
3rd Gwen Beaumont   3rd Martin Gargett
Tray Bake     Item containing Yeast
1st Gwen Beaumont   1st Martin Gargett
2nd Liz Skelton   2nd Angela Berts
3rd  Victoria Lee   3rd Mr M Felton
Pastry Item     Savoury Item for a Buffet
1st Beverley Holroyd   1st Mrs Hilary Felton
2nd Angela Lister   2nd  Beverly Holroyd
3rd Mr M Felton      
Chocolate Chip Cookies   Chocolate Cake  
1st Mr M Felton   1st Miss Kate Koprowska
2nd Patricia Denham   2nd Carol McGivern
3rd Mrs J Higgs   3rd Sarah Leyland
Clifford Shoesmith Trophy for most points in Preserves & Cookery  
Mr Michael Felton        
Decorated Cupcakes     Poem  
1st  Charlotte Davies   1st  Charlotte Davies
2nd  Charles Beaumont   2nd  Tilly Farman
3rd Tilly Read   3rd Katie Kemp-Riley
Mask     Photograph  
1st Tilly Farman   1st Holly Walker
      2nd  Charlotte Davies
      3rd Lauren Grundy
Handicraft     Clay Model  
1st Grace Raine   1st Roxy Riley
2nd Tilly Farman    2nd Charlotte Davies
3rd Holly Walker   3rd Alex Kenny
Lego Model        
1st  Barnaby Cotterill      
2nd Edward Steele      
3rd Matthew Grundy      
M & W Biggs Trophy Most points in Juniors       
Charlotte Davies        
Brownie Poem – 7/8yrs   Brownie Poem – 9/11yrs
1st Claudia Sutcliffe   1st Kerys Banks
2nd Eleanor Dyson   2nd Madeleine Whiteside-Smith
3rd Emily Daniels   3rd Francesca Johnson
Guide Poem        
1st Tilly Farman      
Brownie Mask     Rainbow  Mask  
1st  Sophie Kendrick   1st Bonnie Pullan
2nd Emelie Crossley   2nd Amiera Wakeford
3rd Bella Howarth-Rodgers   3rd Willow Butterfield
      3rd Ayse Bayindir
Bookmark     Knitted Item  
1st Mrs Alison Dickinson   1st Mrs J Higgs
2nd Rona Midgley   2nd Sharon Grimshaw
3rd Carol McGivern   3rd Amanda Colson
DIY Toy     Cross BStitch/Embroidery
1st Linda Crabtree   1st Mrs Sylvia Dyson
2nd Rita Griffiths   2nd Jane Scargill
3rd Ann Patrick   3rd Ms C Frost
Greetings Card     Quilting/Patchwork  
1st Jane Scargill   1st Rita Griffiths
2nd Jane Scargill   2nd Julia Attwater
3rd Jane Scargill   3rd Rosslyn Gowers
Hat     Bag  
1st J Higginbotham   1st Jane Scargill
2nd J Higginbotham   2nd  Jane Scargill
      3rd Jane Scargill
Recycled item     Unclassified  
1st Jane Scargill   1st Jane Scargill
2nd Jane Scargill   2nd Susan Walton
3rd Jane Scargill   3rd Jane Scargill
Item by a Gentleman   Painted Picture  
1st  Jim Farrell   1st Victoria Levery
2nd Eddie Griffiths   2nd Carol McGivern
3rd Michael Webster   3rd Mrs Sylvia Dyson
Bird or Animal     Landscapes/Scene  
1st Ms C Frost   1st Mark Cullen
2nd Elaine Whatley   2nd Mark Cullen
3rd Ms C Frost   3rd Peter Davies
1st Josef Cockrill      
2nd Diane Cockrill      
3rd Dorothy Laycock      
The Fabbadashery Trophy for the Best Handstitched Item  
Mrs Sylvia Dyson         
M A Stott Trophy for the Best item in Handicrafts   
Rita Griffiths        






Norma Riley
Handicraft & Produce Secretary