Honey bees are one of our important pollinators. Visit the Bee tent and learn about how they make honey and all the other products of the hive. See our observation hives with live bees – if you look closely you will see the queen !

Members of the Halifax & District Bee Keepers Association will be there to answer your questions about not only honey bees but also many other species which you will have seen flying about your area. Our members at the show have years of experience looking after honey bees and will happily explain how a hive and colony of bees works, from the hive parts and their functions to the life of the bee. from the egg to the adult.

There is also information on how to deal with swarms and why they occur. If you are interested in becoming a bee keeper our members are on hand to advise you and to inform you about the beginners course we run every year. Advice is available where an apiary should be sited and how much it will cost to get started. If you want some local honey, this is the place to buy it.

There may be a apiary near to where you live and some of the honey may be available for sale, you can’t get more local than that.

If you require any other details, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.