This year, Halifax Show Rabbit Section will be organised by our a friendly, helpful team who are looking forward to welcoming you to come and watch or partake. Judges Steve Germany & Albert Aldred. This year we are also delighted to be holding a Junior Certificate of Merit Show for our Junior Exhibitors. They will have the opportunity to steward and get involved under the expert eye of our Judge Albert Aldred.



The Rabbit Show Classes for Halifax Agricultural Show 2019 will be posted here as soon as they have been confirmed.



Open Show

Best Fancy & Best in Show – Melissa North

Best Lop & Reserve Best in Show – David & Trisha Mitchell

Best Fur – CAP Stud

Best Rex – Donald & Jenny Turner

Junior COM Show

Best Fancy & Best in Show – Lydia Beard

Best Lop – Lydia Beard

Best Fur – Lydia Beard

Best Rex – Hollie Hyslop



Adult & u/5 (Dutch u/4)

Fancy: Dutch Black, Blue, Steel, Pale/Brown Grey, Tort, Yellow, Choc, Angora, Lion Head,  Self,  N/Self, N/Dwarf REW, BEW, Blk, AOC Self, S/Sab, S/Smoke, Blk Otter, AOC Otter, S/Pt, Him, Chin, Ag, M/Sab, M/Smoke, Fox, Opal, AOC Ag Patt, Tan Patt, N/Self, Polish REW, Self, Sable, Smoke Pearl, AOC N/Self,  Tan Black, Choc, Blue, Lilac, Silver Grey, AOC,  Har/Magpie, English Black, Blue, Grey, Tort, Choc, Belgian Hare, Black, AOC, Him. Black, AOC, Trianta, AOV RV Fancy, AOV Fancy, ROF  Chall AA.

Lops:  Cashmere Self, N/Self, Mini Cash Self, N/Self, Lion Lop REW, Self, N/Self, Dwarf Lop REW, AOC Self, Sty, Ag, Chin, B’fly, Seal/Sab, Fox/Otter, Or/Fawn, AOC N/Self, French Lop REW, AOC Self, Ag, B’fly, Steel, AOC N/Self, Mini Lop REW, Blk, AOC Self, Ag, Sooty, B’fly, Sab/Seal pt, Blk Otter, AOC Otter, Or/Fawn, AOC N/Self, German Lop  Self, Ag, Chin, B’fly, AOC N/Self, Eng Lop U/25”, O/25”, Meissnor Lop, AOV Lop, Unstandardised Lop, Lop Chall AA.

Fur:  Satin Ivory, AOC, Mini Satin, Argente Noir,  AOC, Chin, Silver Fox Black, AOC, Siamese Sable, Marten Sable, Bev. White, Blue, AOC, Havana, Alaska, B/Giant Self, N/Self, AOV Fur, RV Fur, Fur Chall AA.

Rex: Ermine, Black, Siamese Seal/Sable, Marten Seal/Sable, Chin, Otter, Or, Havana Him. AOV Self, AOV N/Self, Mini Rex Ermine, Blk,  Self, Castor, Broken, Blk Otter, AOC Otter, N/Self, Rex Chall AA.

Dups:  Chall Adult, U/5, Grand Chall AA.


Junior COM Classes AA. 

Fancy: Dutch, English, ND, Polish, AOV Fancy.

Lops: French, German, Mini Self, Mini N/S, AOV.

Fur: Alaska, Chin, Fox, AOV Fur, RV Fur. 

Rex: Self, N/Self, Mini Self, Mini Otter, Mini AOC.





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