Quick Day Guide 2019

Halifax Show has for many years brought you some of the biggest and most entertaining showground and main ring attraction that you probably have not seen locally before – and 2019 plans to keep with this tradition.

This year welcomes a variety of agricultural and community entertainment: The Sheep Show introducing various sheep with a story to tell and a dance to their own theme tune; there will be Bird of Prey displays; Dog & Duck displays; Terrier Racing and Ferret Roulette. There will be parades of Shires Horses, Donkeys, Cattle, Vintage Vehicles and Fancy Dress on Horse Back. Plus entertainment from Accrington Pipe Band; Faxettes, Bluebells & Blue Dynamite Cheerleaders; and Saxon Karate.

There will be thousands of exhibits in hundreds of classes covering competitions for horses, ponies, cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, eggs, vintage vehicles, horticulture, handicrafts, rabbits, cavies, mice, bees – plus our ever-popular fun dog show. There will also be over sixty trade stands and craft stalls around the showground – from artisan foods to handicrafts and from local businesses to charity fundraising – plus there will be our usual food court and beer tent.




  • 9.00am Gates Open
  • 10.15am Accrington Pipe Band (below)
  • 10.30am Faxettes, Bluebells & Blue Dynamite Cheerleaders
  • 11.00am Dog & Duck Demonstration
  • 11.20am Karate Demonstration
  • 11.30am Vintage Vehicle Parade
  • 11.45am Horseback Fancy Dress
  • 12.05pm Birds of Prey Demonstration
  • 12.30pm Accrington Pipe Band
  • 12.45pm Karate Demonstration
  • 1.00pm Terrier Racing
  • 1.35pm Donkey Long Reining
  • 1.55pm Dog & Duck Demonstration
  • 2.25pm Donkey Driving
  • 2.45pm Vintage Vehicle Parade
  • 3.10pm Shire Horse Championship
  • 3.40pm Birds of Prey Demonstration
  • 4.10pm Cattle – Grand Parade
  • 5.00pm Close

Times are approximate and may be subject to change.

Other attractions include; Ferret Racing, Donkey Driving, Bee Displays Punch & Judy, Ferret Roulette, Stone Carvers, Carting Dogs, a Mini Zoo, Circus Acts, Carousel Rides, Fire Engine, Face Painting, Alpacas, Kids Farm, Family Rides, Play Areas,Donkey Rides, Children’s Competitions, Local Community Groups, with more being announced every day.




Halifax Show Plan 2019





Accrington Pipe Band is the oldest civilian pipe band in the United Kingdom and reputedly the world, formed in 1885. The band takes part annually in a number of events including carnivals, galas and fetes. The band has an extensive repertoire of Scottish music including Marches, Slow Airs, Strathspeys and Reels arranged to suit the occasion, including processions, marching displays, static shows and Burns Night suppers.





The Faxettes is Halifax RLFC’s pro dance squad as is audition only. The team consists of 11 girls all with previous dance experience. Most of the squad have trained in dance and now teach dance themselves. The Faxettes range from ages 16-24 years of age. The Faxettes is a team that the Senior Bluebelles can train to become in the future. You’ll see the Faxettes perform pre-match and halftime at every Halifax home game.

The Bluebelles are our intermediate dance group. The girls are a range of ages from 9-16 years of age. The Bluebelles dance alongside the Minibelles on game days at half time at the shay. This class is for girls with a bit more dance experience to learn some more advanced dance skills and routines.

halifax cheerleaders




The Sheep Show is edu-tainment at its best. A live stage show offering up to 4 x 30 minute shows a day, appearing at over 120 outdoor shows throughout the country from the Orkney Isles to the Royal Cornwall. Presented in humorous kiwi style the show introduces us to 9 different breeds of sheep, each with a story to tell and are welcomed on to the stage by their own theme tune.

‘Lenny the Lincoln Long wool’ arrives to a great Bob Marley tune (very apt for a sheep that has natural dread locks). We are then given a very informative shearing display and learn more about wool. However, just to add to this already humorous but educational show, the sheep then do The Sheep Show Shuffle, Yes Dancing sheep.




Calling all Terrier owners! You can’t beat a bit of terrier racing and this year there is going to be stiff competition for all you terrier owners! Its time to get chatting to your fabulous little friend and get him or her in training – lay off the treats, limber up those doggy muscles and get those paws pounding!

What do you get if you cross a group of dog enthusiasts, a hundred-year-old sheep shearing machine and any number of terriers? Well, according to terrier race organiser John Aldridge, the answer is pure unbridled entertainment. It’s fast, it’s furious and just about anything can happen.

The idea is simple enough. The terriers are lined up in a series of starting traps (not unlike those used for greyhound racing), a lure is set and then the dogs are released. What follows is a frenzied, often chaotic dash down the course as the dogs, most of them at least, race hell-for-leather to catch the lure. The winning dogs have to pass through a small hole in a hay bale wall at the end of the course.




Founded in 1981, Saxon Karate is one of the most famous karate clubs in the world. Saxon students have taken UK, European and world honours but still retain a family club atmosphere wherever they train. The Saxon Karate Club is a Shotokan karate club based throughout West Yorkshire and is headed by Sensei Leigh Smith, a highly respected 7th Dan black belt. If you are considering taking up karate, or already have training but are looking for an outstanding club, simply turn up to one of the many weekly training sessions, details of which can be found on the training page.




Four ferrets compete with each other, each in its own set of tubes, which are approximately 10 metres long. Interspersed along these lengths of tubes are small section of wire mesh, enabling the crowds to see the ferrets. Members of the audience can then encourage his or her chosen ferret to move through the tubes to the end, in as little time as possible. No physical contact is allowed with the ferret from the second it is placed in its own starting box, until the whole of the ferret (including tail tip) has exited from the other end of the tubes. Once the ferrets are released from their starting boxes, anything can – and usually does – happen. No-one can predict the outcome of a ferret race. There will also be ferret roulette, a single ferret is placed in a special drum with eight exits at the base, and the crowds guess which exit the ferret will use.




Stuart Barnes has traveled to over 100 countries working with wildlife, and his passion for the canine species has enabled him to gain an incredible understanding of everything about dogs. In shows around the U.K., Stuart and his team use trained and untrained sheep dogs to herd ducks, amusing and educating the audience about common dog behaviour issues and about how these can be resolved.

The Dog and Duck Show display helps to understand why our dogs have unwanted dog problems and how to solve them; demonstrates their natural canine instincts, showing how they control them with their energy and body language; plus put the ducks through their course of tunnels, slides, maltese cross, pool and pen.

Dog & Duck Show



SMJ Falconry of Oxenhope have a diverse collection of more than 60 birds of prey (including owls, falcons, hawks, kites, an eagle and vulture, and also a raven!) and with more than a decade of experience working with them, they will be there on the day with static, handling, and flying displays that are fun and interactive for everyone. During their displays they are very hands on, and like to get involved with the crowd. They do handling sessions during their static displays and, explain and talk about all of our birds of prey to members of the public during the day.




New for 2019 is Horse Back Fancy Dress. Dress yourself and your horse in a Disney theme and make your way to the Horse Arena. At about 11.45am on show Day all the entries will be led or ridden to the Main Ring. Entry is Free but all entrants must be 14 years and under. Prizes for all.

horseback fancy dress



In the Bee Tent there will be two observation hives with live bees, HBKA Honey, wax and photography awards, demonstrations of skep making ( skeps being the old way of keeping bees), bumble bee exhibits, plus there will be honey and products of the hive to buy.



  • Can I Buy In Advance ? Yes, up to 4pm on Wednesday you can Save 20% HERE.
  • Can I Pay On the Gate ? Yes, and this year we will accept card payments
  • How Can I Get There ? We encourage use of public transport, and directions can be found HERE.
  • Where Can I Park ? We have parking off Savile Park Road and directions can be found HERE.
  • Are Dogs Allowed ? We welcome dogs, all we ask is they are kept on lead and cleaned up after.
  • Is There Anything Else I Should Know ? We have a list of all our policies HERE.